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In today's security conscious world, badge lanyards have become an essential accessory. They carry I.D.s, keep keys intact, and give employees a distinguished look. What's more, lanyards make it convenient for people who must constantly display their I.D. badges to prove their identity. The sturdy straps make cards visible at all times, and eliminates the need to fumble with cards that are tucked in pockets or stashed in briefcases. Because I.D.s hang firmly on the wearer, there's less risk of loss or theft, which can put a company's security at risk if the badge ends up in the wrong hands.

Customers and vendors feel more at ease when staff is easily identifiable, and lanyards make that possible. They're a crucial part of any company uniform, and can be logoed to help improve branding efforts.


Branding might be a new term, but it's definitely an old tactic that marketers have long used to bring awareness to a company's product or service.
Branding got its name from the method used to track livestock. Cattle ranchers and farmers branded their herds to claim ownership of them. In the late 1950s, the term branding entered the advertising sector, and was used to describe the process of creating and spreading a brand image.

Advertisers use product giveaways as branding opportunities. The trick to success in this endeavor is finding the right product to carry your logo. A cheap pen or other flimsy item sends the wrong message, and is likely to offend potential customers. In that case, it's better not to give anything away. A quality lanyard is both useful and professional.

Why Buy from Direct Lanyards?

Consumers buy badge lanyards for many reasons, and creating awareness for a business is merely one of them. If you are hoping to raise cash or draw attention to a cause, lanyards are a go-to fundraising product. Savvy marketers can buy them in bulk for great prices and resell them for a profit. With an array of designs and colors from which to choose, there's bound to be something for everyone. Quality materials make a big difference, too. A sharp and chic lanyard leaves a good impression among your audience, and shows the world your detailed side.

The Direct Lanyard Guarantee

When other lanyards are peeling and fading, your lanyards will stay sturdy and stylish. That's the Direct Lanyard guarantee. What makes us a leader in the industry? We start with quality products at competitive prices, and we deliver them for free. Our experienced and friendly professionals are eager to help. Order your badge lanyards now!