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Badge Reels Are A Good Thing

I truly love using badge reels when at work or carrying a pass while skiing. It's less noticeable and certainly safer than other methods. I'm always amazed at humanity's inventiveness, and how it improves and expands new discoveries.

Like the reel itself. Although many historians claim that the reel, in any form, first came about in England in 1651, there are Oriental paintings from the 12th century depicting fishing reels. By the 19th century, we do know that fishing reels evolved into the multiplying reel and several casting devices. Beyond fishing in lakes, the new developments in reels facilitated tarpon and other big game fishing.

The rest is innovation after innovation. Reels today are utilized in kite lines, construction equipment, garden hoses, tape measures, and so much more. The word itself commonly evokes movies -- the brave task of the director trawling for the perfect film. Public safety has improved and space is maximized, upgrading all aspects of society, and all because of humanity's desire for innovation. Okay, maybe not innovation, but originally for the desire to find a better way to enjoy the universally-loved pastime of fishing, in any part of the world.

But I wonder if those ancient Samurai taking a break from the Japanese feudal system might have thought twice if they knew that their inventions would have ended up on tow trucks? In younger days, I probably needed a reel for all the tickets I got, and usually dealt with it by going fishing.…

But these days, older and wiser (and less boisterous like a disciplined Samurai), I am happy to used badge reels for various situations. I carry great history and innovation with me … and don't lose my ski pass either.