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Options for Your Lanyard Designs

There are many different options for lanyard designs. But despite the number of choices, designing your own custom lanyard is quite simple. Let's take a look at the steps you need.

Step 1: What type of lanyard do you want? You can choose among:

• Polyester
• Woven
• Nylon
• Tubular
• Dye Sublimated

Step 2: How wide do you want the lanyard to be? Your choices include:
• 1/2"
• 5/8"
• 3/4"
• 1"

Step 3: How many do you need? You can purchase as few as 100 lanyards or thousands of lanyards.


Step 4: What color do you want the lanyard to be? You can get a standard color option, or you can enter any PMS number or color name.

Step 5: What color is the printed text or logo? The color options are the same as for the color of the lanyard.

Step 6: What type of attachment(s) do you want? Some are included in the price, others are an additional fee. Those included are:

• Bulldog clip
• Swivel J hook
• Thumb trigger
• Key ring
• Cell phone loop
Attachments that are an additional fee are:
• Carabiner hook
• Oval hook
• Thumb hook
• No swivel J hook
• Plastic J hook

Step 7: Do you want to include a safety break? (Strongly recommended and FREE)
Step 8: Do you want a buckle release for an added fee?
Step 9: Does your lanyard need to include a badge holder (additional fee)?
Step 10: Do you want a length adjuster (additional fee)?

Once you've answered those questions, all you need to do is to determine what your lanyard will say and if you want to include a logo.

That's how easy it is to design your own custom lanyard. Yes, there are several questions you'll need to answer, but it's an easy process.
You'll be amazed how easily you can customize your own lanyard designs.