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Membership cards, company ID badges and lanyards for keys. There's a lot of use for these inexpensive promotional items, and your business can rest assured that when you order from us, you'll get unparalleled customer service and quality.


No matter what your company is looking for, be it polyester, woven, tubular, nylon, or dye sublimated lanyards, we've got it and more. If your business wants bold colors, we've got that covered. If you want to include your company logo, we'll duplicate it down to the smallest detail.


Stop losing your keys! Misplacing them costs employees time and that, in turn, costs your business money. Looking high and low for lost keys isn't, and shouldn't be, part of your employees' job descriptions. When you order from us, you'll not only get a high quality product, you're actually adding to your employees' productivity.


Our top-quality lanyards feature materials that do not fade, won't crack, and lettering that will not wear off. With a smooth finish and high glossy looking shine, you'll be able to promote your business in a whole new way.


Great lanyards help grab people's attention, making them ideal promotional items. Your employees can take them anywhere, helping to spread your brand, products or services everywhere they go.


And it's all at a price your company can afford. With our low prices, they're extraordinarily inexpensive. That makes for great economic and practical sense. With a quick turnaround times and expert care, we're the go-to source for these promotional yet functional pieces your company can use.


Experience a level of customer service and a commitment to quality that's unmatched by the competition. Direct Lanyards leads the industry for these very reasons. We will make sure your business gets its custom lanyards for keys quickly and with the highest quality available! Click here for more lanyard information.