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DirectLanyards.com has opened up a new and exciting chapter in promotional and advertising items with neck lanyards. Lanyards are not only functional, but also are the perfect way to advertise your company, brand, or service. Since so many people make use of lanyards on a daily basis, what better way to get your message across than by printing it on an item people use every day to carry keys, IDs, cell phones or other common items?


Since advertising and marketing are vital to the survival of any business, there is high demand for new and interesting advertising items. Lanyards fulfill this demand. Direct Lanyards has worked with countless organizations, businesses, and schools to brand neck lanyards with their own custom logos. More companies than ever are using lanyards as an effective means of advertising. Companies can hand them out at promotional events or trade shows, or schools can give them to students to ensure they can easily keep track of ID cards.


Lanyards are certainly proving to be one of the most effective items of any advertising or promotional campaign. Direct Lanyards uses only the best quality materials and offers their products in a range of vivid colors and designs. Finding the best way to showcase your company, brand, or product has never been easier. Rather than relying on outdated promotional products, at your next event, trade show, or conference hand out neck lanyards from DirectLanyards.com that are practical, functional, and appealing.


There are literally hundreds of uses for lanyards! They will always be indispensable items that many people use on a daily basis. Lanyards offer the wearer the convenience of keeping their keys and other personal items grouped together and easily accessible when needed. Rather than opting for promotional items which are easily forgotten and never see use, check out our website and choose from the best selection of top quality and well-made neck lanyards.


We have hundreds of satisfied customers due to our prompt service, unmatched quality and best-in-the-industry pricing. Make certain your next trade show or conference is a success by working with us on your custom neck lanyards design!