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Lanyards are a great tool for organization. Those who wear them know that they can be a significant time-saver, as they keep you from scrambling to find lost keys, cell phones, and other important objects that are commonly misplaced. But lanyards can also save you from embarrassment. Here's how.

How Lanyards Save You from Embarrassment

Scenario # 1
You're at a family reunion, or a corporate function put on by your company. You're wearing that snazzy new outfit -- the one that cost way too much but is worth every penny. Your hair is coiffed, your shoes are shining and your confidence is soaring. Suddenly, someone you don't recognize approaches, offering a firm handshake. "It's so nice to see you again," he or she says, beaming. Then the conversation progresses. Now you're panicked because you can't figure out who that person is. You study the face more intently as a list of possibilities scrolls in your mind. Still nothing.

Now imagine the same scenario with one addition – a lanyard. The above stranger is wearing one with an ID badge attached. His or her name is printed in bold black letters. You shake hands and have a pleasant conversation with your boss's spouse – yes, that would be the person whose name you forgot!

Scenario # 2
Today's the big day. You've got a huge presentation to make at work and you've been preparing for months, gathering data, creating reports, and practicing your pitch in front of the bathroom mirror. You grab your travel mug off the counter – your trusty cup of joe will help you through. You check your watch. It took longer than expected to get ready – you were so nervous you fumbled every step of the way, even dropping your toast butter side up on your freshly pressed pants.

But you're all cleaned up now and ready to go – with just a few minutes to spare. You scan the side table for your car keys. You glance at the counter, the coffee table, the console – no keys. Your heart is pounding in your chest, like some crazed high school band boy. You're elbows deep in the couch cushions now as you continue to search for your keys, imagining a conference room full of people tapping fingers on mahogany in anticipation of your arrival.

Imagine the same scenario now and inject the lanyard. Your toast still lands on your lap, your nerves are still frayed like an old throw rug. You snatch your coffee, check your watch, and seize your keys from the stylish lanyard that hangs from your neck. You're on your way to the meeting and you'll make it right on time.

Scenario # 3
The last scenario finds you at a charity function with lanyards in hand. You were the smart guy who took the initiative to order an ample supply of custom lanyards. "They look terrific," a coworker says, swiping one from the pile and admiring its durable twill and stylish screen printed design.

You smile, knowing you made a shrewd decision in choosing Direct Lanyards, located here, as your source for quality custom lanyards. You saved money, too, and that's one more reason to grin!