When materials matter, polyester lanyards are the ideal accessories. They're sturdy, stylish, and comfortable yet they do the heavy lifting with ease. They carry your keys, badges, USB flash drives, and more.

When Materials Matter

The right materials matter, and polyester lanyards get the job done! They're the most popular type of lanyard, and for good reason. They're crafted of high-quality fabric that is custom dyed to your color preference. They bear your logos, statements, and personal messages of every kind.

To prove the importance of materials, we've compiled a list of scenarios that highlight the disasters that are possible when people choose inferior materials.

When You're Carrying Groceries

It only takes one grocery bag disaster to teach a person this life lesson. Whether you prefer paper or plastic, the strength of the bag is extremely pertinent – especially when you're carrying pasta sauce, pickles, or any variety of pungent foods in a jar. A weak grocery bag is like a ticking bomb. It's sure to explode the moment you're balancing three bags on one hip and a small child on the other. A bad situation becomes messier when a jar of saucy goods smashes and ultimately splatters on everything in sight – your shoes, pants, the store perimeter, and that nice store clerk who saw you struggling and rushed to your aid just moments before the blast.

When You're Diapering Babies

When you're dealing with babies, materials matter. Swaddling your baby in an itchy blanket is sure to leave him screaming for help, much to the dismay of all in earshot. But that's an easy fix. Just find a softer blanket and resume wrapping and rocking the sweet child to sleep.

What's worse is a substandard diaper material. The baby might not mind, but the guy who's bouncing him on his knee surely will. Diapers have an important job, folks. Parents who take chances with diaper brands might be the gambling sort.

When You're Proposing Marriage

When you're proposing marriage, it's best to have a plan in place. Remember that you are creating a moment that will be celebrated for years. Consider yourself an author. You will be writing a story that your future spouse will share with friends, family, and possibly even your own children. Write a good one, then. But consider first the kind of stories that appeal to your true love. Does he or she like adventure, romance, or mystery? Make sure you propose marriage in the setting that suits your potential spouse, and use the right materials. And by materials, we mean the ring.

Sure, the jewelry is merely a symbol of unity and of your perpetual promise, but it's something that will decorate your lovely bride or groom's finger for many years. You'll want it to be sturdy, sensible, and at the very least not so cheap that it leaves a rash and a green outline on his or her finger. Many people's in-laws find reason enough to talk about them. Why add more fuel to that fire?

The above are just a few of many scenarios that prove materials matter. Direct Lanyards makes durable polyester lanyards for those who value great products at equally great prices!