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For centuries, lanyards have helped people solve a pressing and pervasive problem – keeping track of their goods. Lanyards have remained essential all these years. But they seem more necessary now, given the expensive and indispensable gadgets we're all carrying. And with people being so busy in the corporate world, or playing chauffeur for active families, leaving behind our keys, smart phones and badges is far too easy to do.


And since we're on the topic of misplacing things, we've compiled a list of the worst things to lose. Lanyards can help you avoid losing some, but not all of these…


Worst Things to Lose

Your Mind – It was a temporary loss, of course – nothing that a soak in the tub, a measure of chocolate, and a few good laughs with a friend couldn't fix.

Your Temper—So you got upset – we all do. Even the calmest of us can become flustered when it feels like Murphy's Law is at work in our world. Maybe traffic left you amid a sea of cars. There you were squirming, wishing you hadn't chugged that 64-ounce gas station Slurpee just five minutes prior. That's when you decided you actually had a valid reason for road rage.


Your Car— In your hurry to hit the sale racks at your favorite store, you failed to take note of your car's location in the lot. So there you stood, scanning the aisles outside the mall. Everyone else seemed to know where they parked. They strutted passed you, shopping bags in tow. You had no choice but to walk around, weaving between cars and pretending you parked at a distance for fitness sake, and because you're too darn humble to take the best space.

A Winning Lottery Ticket – You picked those numbers on purpose. They came to you after a meal of fried rice and steamed dumplings. Your fortune cookie said they'd be lucky, and who were you to question the prophecy of cheap Chinese desserts? So you played those numbers, and behold – they drifted down the plastic tube like snowflakes from heaven. But where'd you place your ticket?

Your Driver's License – "Sorry, officer. I didn't realize my brake light went out. Yes, sure – I'd be glad to show you my license…" Unfortunately, this scenario ended with the realization that you'd left your wallet behind – a mistake that cost you heaps of embarrassment and hundreds of dollars in fines.

Your Phone – Here's a commonly misplaced item, and one that a lanyard can help you hold on to.

Your Wedding Ring – Let's hope the drain didn't swallow it when you set it near the sink. Or did you leave it at the bedside? It's a good thing your spouse said for better or worse…


Your Keys – Keys are another frequently lost item. Without them, you'll either be thumbing a ride or ordering a locksmith. Lanyards keep keys on your neck and always in reach.

Lanyards for Everyone!

If you've ever lost a few of the above, you could use a few lanyards. Chances are, your friends, family, and coworkers could, too. Lanyards just make life easier! Smart marketers make any campaign a success when they buy wholesale lanyards with custom printed company logos and slogans.