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If you participate in trade shows, you're always looking for great products to give away to prospective customers. Trade show lanyards are a great way to get your brand or logo in front of a trade show audience.


Trade show lanyards are popular because trade show attendees need a way to display name badges. Many people don't like pin-back badge holders because they can damage clothing. Clip-on badge holders won't damage clothing, but can sometimes get in the way, and can be easily lost.


That's where trade show lanyards come in. The lanyards hold the badges at an easily visible level, in a convenient manner. They also are far more secure and less likely to be lost than clip-on badge holders.


Lanyards also are a perfect way to keep your logo, brand or contact information in front of the customer. Lanyards are attractive and comfortable to wear. Once the trade show is over, your custom printed lanyards will help prospective customers keep your brand in mind.


Trade show lanyards are available in a range of styles to suit any need and budget.

  •  Tubular polyester lanyards are a great, economical choice. They feature a clean, legible image printed on tube-stitched material made similar to a shoelace.

  •  Nylon lanyards are at the other end of the spectrum, offering the highest shine and softest feel of any lanyard type available.

  •  Flat polyester lanyards are the most popular style, and for good reason. They offer a near-perfect combination of value and performance. They're great for just about any use,      offering good feel and clear, crisp imprinted text and logos.

  •  Woven polyester lanyards are perfect for simple text. These feature an elegant, classic look, achieved by weaving the text into the lanyard material in a process similar to       embroidery.


When it comes to colors, trade show lanyards are widely available in a broad range. Your company text can be matched to the correct lanyard color to ensure an exact match to your logo or brand.


A good supplier of trade show lanyards will offer a selection of lanyard types. They also will offer free color matching, free setup, free art and design and free shipping. You also can trust them to stand behind the quality of their products.


Custom trade show lanyards are the ideal way to promote your brand in any industry that features trade shows to introduce new products and services. Your brand can be the one that people remember if you provide them with trade show lanyards.