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Direct Lanyards offers wholesale lanyards to schools, businesses and colleges that are looking for interesting items to use as promotional gifts. Lanyards are practical because everyone can use them to carry an array of objects, including keys, water bottles, sunglasses, flash drives or I.D. cards. They come in bright and appealing colors and designs, so they always get noticed.


Fundraising With the Right Supplier

When it comes to suppliers, Direct Lanyards is an industry leader. Offering top-notch wholesale lanyards at incredible prices is our forte. Online shoppers enjoy cost savings on top of free shipping and phenomenal personal service from a team of professionals. Given the ease of ordering and budget-friendly pricing, fundraising becomes a breeze with Direct Lanyards.


Advertising and Brand Awareness

Business owners know the value of advertising. A good campaign can mean the difference between success and failure. Wholesale lanyards are a tool to bolster brand awareness. It's a good idea to give existing customers, vendors, employees and contacts cool logoed lanyards as small tokens of your appreciation. As they wear your name, they support your business and extend your reach in the community. Lanyards are a dual purpose product!

People buy lanyards for hosts of reasons. Advertising is just one of them. If you want to raise funds or simply increase awareness for a cause, then lanyards are the right choice. When you use lanyards as a part of a company uniform, you help employees keep their badges safe from loss or theft, and reduce the risk of security breaches that might occur if badges fall into the wrong hands. You also help customers identify your staff and become familiar with your company name.


Colors and Styles

With a wide selection of designs and colors available, lanyard buyers can get exactly what they need. Direct Lanyards expertly matches logo colors, patterns, and fonts so businesses get a chic product with a distinctive look and feel.

Shoddy lanyards can crack and wear. Who wants to put their name on that? Direct Lanyards uses durable materials that keep lanyards looking fresh for years and protect your good name.


Customer Satisfaction

When you buy from Direct Lanyards, you buy from the best. That's not just a sales pitch, it's a fact. Our satisfaction guarantee puts restless minds at ease. Shop now!