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Woven lanyards are the ideal platform for your promotional message or personal statement. Traditional flat polyester lanyards use printing techniques to display your message. Woven lanyards are more sophisticated in comparison, and use an embroidery-like process to weave your text directly into the fabric. What a great way to wear your club name, company contact information, or any lettering you choose!


Embroidery has been an esteemed art for centuries. Using elaborate needlework techniques, skilled tailors have created tapestries, household articles, ornate rugs, religious garments and much more. Before modern embroidery machines, few people were able to master embroidery. It was a tedious task that required years of training and practice. In fact, tailors typically studied their craft for as long as a decade before they were considered experts. Of course, they did all their stitching by hand then.

When looms and embroidery machines emerged in the 1800s, mass production of embroidery was possible. But it was still an arduous task, because the machines were not user friendly, and required a team of people to run them. Tailors still made custom pieces for the wealthy, some of which took years to complete.

The embroidered look remains popular today. In fact, it never went out of style. Common embroidered pieces include dresses, denim fabrics, golf shirts, uniforms, caps, handkerchiefs, towels, pillow cases, table cloths and other items. Modern embroidery machines use digital technology to make the process much simpler than it was in the past. That's good news for embroidery fans!

So what do woven lanyards have in common with popular embroidered pieces? Here are some examples.


Embroidery is esteemed for its elegant look and feel. The use of thread to create designs and lettering gives any fabric a custom, high-quality appearance. Embroidery is used around the world, in seemingly every culture. It was an important art in the Medieval Islamic world, and was a mark of high social standing in Muslim societies. Flags, robes, tunics and shoes were some of the items people decorated with embroidery. Ottomans and pillows and were often found in palaces where kings and queens wore embroidered garments, as did other royalty throughout the ages.


Embroidery is appealing because of the detail colored threads provide. A simple fabric becomes a stately piece of work with interesting thread patterns and contrasting thread colors. Gold and silver threading gives articles of wool, silk, or any fabric a truly lavish look. Kimonos often bear intricate patterns using colorful silk threading.
When compared to other varieties, woven lanyards are more distinguished because of the threading.


Woven lanyards are durable. People rely on them to carry important items, including their keys, cell phones and flash drives. But even if the straps are sturdy, a lanyard can look less than appealing if the lettering or logo begins to fade or peel away. Who wants to wear a tattered looking lanyard?
Woven lanyards remain bold, stylish and fresh for years to come. They're build to last and look good, too!