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Beaded Lanyards

Beaded Lanyards are Trendy and Essential

Beaded lanyards are a trendy tool, designed to keep your essentials in your possession. It's never been so fun to wear your name badge, carry your keys or clutch your cell phone. But beaded lanyards aren't the only kind that can do all this in style. Direct Lanyards has a full line of lanyards that are built to last and custom made to be as chic as you are.


Custom Lanyards That Have "The Look"

The accessories make the outfit, or so we have heard. Those who know this also know that lanyards are more than ropes with clasps. They are just as functional as your purse or wallet, and they hold the same potential to impress by showcasing your distinct look and personal style.


Beaded lanyards, with their jewelry-like appeal, are not the best in terms of durability. They might look great in all their shiny splendor, but they're not likely to hold more than a few items. If you're looking for a sturdy lanyard that is equally fashionable, look no further than the dye sublimated lanyard.

Dye Sublimated Lanyards:

These soft yet durable lanyards beat beaded lanyards in strength, yet they can be customized to bear your logo with blended colors, or capture your favorite photo or pattern. And with their silky look and feel, they're a breeze to wear. These aren't the only lanyards that work hard and look good, however. See our Lanyard Styles page for more options.


Placing Your Order
Fill out our FREE no-obligation quote form and we'll send you an artwork proof and price quote. Make as many changes to the design as you like. We don't charge for revisions (it's just like trying on clothes, so take your time and have some fun). We want to leave you with the lanyards you are proud to wear. Let us show you how even lanyards other than beaded lanyards can make a great fashion accessory!