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Blank Lanyards


Blank lanyards are the humble neckwear of the well-organized. That's because these corded commodities keep your keys, flash drives, cameras and other gadgets safe from the land of the lost. Who hasn't had an item or two end up there? It's a dreadful place!

Blank Lanyards—For Everybody

Blank lanyards are the workhorse variety. They're as handy as any lanyard, minus the designs. Unlike custom lanyards, which are often used for marketing purposes, blank lanyards do not boast fancy logos or business information. They simply do what lanyards have been doing since the 15th century – well, not exactly holding pistols or swords, but toting essentials. Modern blank lanyards simply carry important items and keep your goods accessible.

For Business Purposes
Blank lanyards are ideal for businesses, even without the branding efforts. When you're looking for a subtle ID badge holder or key carrier for employees, blank lanyards are the way to go. They're discreet, durable and can be ordered in an array of colors to match any uniform.

For Personal Use
Whether you're a real estate agent, youth camp coach or corporate employee, chances are you have a need for lanyards. And if you'd prefer to maintain a simple yet professional appearance, then blingy neckwear is not your thing. In other words, a dye sublimated lanyard with boldly printed letters and eye-catching colors would not be suitable. That's okay, because Direct Lanyards has lanyards for everyone. Check out the various colors, styles and attachments we offer. Then choose the lanyard the fits your needs.

We've Got It!
Why should you order from Direct Lanyards? Do you want unsurpassed customer service and quality products at factory-direct prices? We've got it! Blank lanyards from Direct Lanyards are the graceful way to get the job done!

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