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Custom Dye Sublimated Lanyards


The newest addition to our custom neck lanyard line, dye sublimated lanyards use a soft yet durable polyester strap to produce a lanyard-sized palette to let your creativity run wild!


Make use of the full-color sublimation process and the ability to bleed images off the sides of the strap to create an innovative, stylish marketing tool, or simply capture a logo with blended colors or a photograph. There are no limits to what can be printed on the dye sublimated style lanyards.


Since the images are sublimated directly onto the lanyard fabric itself, the entire strap retains the same soft, silky feel and there is no surface printing to be scratched or scraped through rugged use or washing.



100 Qty.

250 Qty.

500 Qty.

1,000 Qty.

2,000 Qty.

3,000 Qty.

5,000 Qty.

5/8" Width Lanyard

$2.50 each

$2.30 each

$1.75 each

$1.45 each

$1.25 each

$1.20 each

$0.95 each

3/4" Width Lanyard

$2.56 each

$2.36 each

$1.80 each

$1.50 each

$1.30 each

$1.25 each

$1.00 each

1" Width Lanyard

$2.62 each

$2.42 each

$1.85 each

$1.55 each

$1.35 each

$1.30 each

$1.05 each

Dye sublimated lanyards can use any full-color images. If you prefer a background image or design, submit your own or select from some of the more popular designs below! Change the colors of the backgrounds below, add any text and logos you would like or create your very own pattern at no additional cost. This style of lanyard is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE - let your imagination run wild!

Dye Sublimated Lanyard

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