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Lanyard Knot

What is a Lanyard Knot?

The lanyard knot is a type of knot designed to securely hold an item within the loop of the fabric. In their efforts to keep knives close at hand, sailors began the practice of tying lanyard knots. And while these intricate knots are visually interesting, they don't have much purpose when you buy your lanyards from Direct Lanyards.


Here's Why You Don't Need a Lanyard Knot

It might be fun to watch a few videos or study some of the content that explains the process of tying a lanyard knot. But with so many types of functional lanyards, you need not waste any time learning these tricks. Simply check out our selection of hard-working lanyards. We're sure you'll find something that is worthy of carrying your keys, badges, I.D. cards, gadgets, and even knives if necessary.


Direct Lanyards Makes Buying a Breeze
Direct Lanyards offers a variety of lanyard styles and fabrics, including tubular polyester, flat polyester, woven polyester and even dye sublimated lanyards, which we've aptly named the SUV of lanyards due to their durability and flair. In addition, we have hosts of attachments from which to choose, all of which eliminate the need for a lanyard knot. We've got the bulldog hook, thumb trigger, key ring, the cell phone loop attachment and more. Safety breakaways are available too, and are always a free option. So many options make lanyard buying a breeze!


Easy Ordering and Effortless Shipping
It's easy to inquire and receive a no-obligation quote with FREE artwork sent directly to your inbox. Or call us directly at 1-877-599-6746 (toll free, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET). With FREE air shipping anywhere in the United States, there's no effort involved.


So untie the old lanyard knot and get your custom lanyards from Direct Lanyards!