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Custom Nylon Lanyards


Our imprinted nylon lanyards have a bright, silky shine that catches the light and gives an even greater level of visibility to your promotional lanyards! The brilliant look contrasted with the high-end silk screened text or logo make this a popular custom lanyard choice among businesses and event coordinators alike.


Behind this ribbon-like sheen is the highest tensile-strength of any of our lanyard styles, along with the most stain-resistant material available. These features makes nylon lanyards the ideal option for every use from construction or factory work to health care or childcare.


Allowing the widest variety of lanyard widths gives the custom nylon lanyards the flexibility to work for any need, and the smooth surface allows for the clearest printing and finest level of silk screening detail available as well. This style is highly recommended for companies or organizations wishing to include their logo within their lanyard layout!


Quantities of 100 and 250 are only available on Black, Red, White, Yellow and Navy Blue lanyards for Nylon Lanyards


100 Qty.

250 Qty.

500 Qty.

1,000 Qty.

2,000 Qty.

3,000 Qty.

5,000 Qty.

1/2" Width Lanyard



$1.10 each

$0.80 each

$0.75 each

$0.73 each

$0.61 each

5/8" Width Lanyard

$2.96 each

$2.15 each

$1.12 each

$0.81 each

$0.76 each

$0.74 each

$0.62 each

3/4" Width Lanyard

$2.99 each

$2.16 each

$1.14 each

$0.83 each

$0.77 each

$0.76 each

$0.63 each

1" Width Lanyard

$3.01 each

$2.17 each

$1.18 each

$0.93 each

$0.85 each

$0.82 each

$0.69 each

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