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Paracord Lanyards

Lanyards are like paper cups -- we use them every day, but don't think much about the value they provide in the service they offer. Paracord lanyards are just one type of lanyard. And like your ordinary paper cup, they are able to hold those items you want in hand, such as your keys, identification badges, USB drives, and so much more.


So What Is A Paracord Lanyard?

A paracord lanyard has a thinner, corded type rope that differs from the traditional flat or tubular lanyards. The traditional type are typically crafted from nylon or polyester fabrics. The paracord lanyards lack the sheen of a dye sublimated lanyard, which is a soft and durable product that makes use of our full-color sublimation process. The dye sublimated lanyards offer a silky feel on a savvy surface-printed fabric.


Paracord lanyards also differ from our woven polyester products, in which we use a needle-and-thread embroidery to create a textured classic look that beautifully bears your custom logo or text.


Make Your Own Paracord Lanyard? Why Bother?
Many people make their own paracord lanyards using store-bought materials. But this isn't a feasible option for the company that's buying in bulk. And for the customer placing a smaller order of just one or a few lanyards, it's surely a simpler and more economical option to purchase one of the lowest-priced lanyard from Direct Lanyards, such as the tubular imprinted polyester lanyard. These are both highly functional and incredibly durable. So why bother with the paracord lanyard, when Direct Lanyards offers a bevy of bold and spectacular lanyards for your customization?


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