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Personalized Lanyards

Personalized lanyards transform your workhorse neckwear into distinct accessories – ones that show off your style and even bear your insignia, individual statement, or message. Where fashion and function merge, you'll find personalized lanyards.


Personalized Lanyards as Gifts

What makes a gift great? Many people would say it's the level of personalization more than the price tag. An enchanting bouquet of baby's breath and velvet red roses is nice, but a proud mother's favorite foliage always come in paper cups. Her child's hand-picked yard weeds are the cherished centerpieces on the table.

And what makes an engraved gift infinitely more special? It's those personal touches that make priceless a mass -produced product. Personalized lanyards are no different. With a variety of customizing options, you can make personal the practical gift of a lanyard. Personalized lanyards are the gifts that are treasured and used on a daily basis.

Personalized Equals Planned

Perhaps the most significant reason that personalized lanyards are special is that they show your recipients that you made an effort. An off-the-shelf product does not convey time spent and personalization as does a custom gift.


Personalized Lanyards for Marketing Success

Personalized lanyards make excellent promotional products. They are a gift to the consumer as well as the marketer. That's because earning the trust of customers, vendors, and peers often equates to consumer loyalty and business success. A professional lanyard that boasts your business name or message makes an impression on the wearer and everyone who see his or her lanyard. Since lanyards are worn around the neck, they're hard to miss. When you give away logoed lanyards, you get premium advertising at a minimal cost. Now that's smart marketing!


Order Now!

Ready to create your personalized lanyards? Let our skilled graphic artists share their expertise for the task. Choose your colors, fabric, and style. Send us your logo, design ideas, or even photos and we'll return a speedy price quote and digital art proof for your approval. If you have any questions, call us directly at toll free 1-877-599-6746, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ET.


Whether as awesome gifts or powerhouse promotional products, you can put the power of personalized lanyards to work for you!