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Wholesale Lanyards


Direct Lanyards leads the pack when it comes to customer satisfaction in buying wholesale lanyards. Beyond that, we do our best to always take our customers on an adventure of discovery and learning.

[Fact: Lanyards originated in France during the 15th century, initially as a cord around a soldier's neck to strap on a whistle, gun, or even a sword.]


Take, for example, the many styles offered at Direct Lanyards: tube-stitched polyester, high-end nylon, flat polyester, and text-woven polyester. All of these styles have unique elements suitable for varied customer needs.

[Fact: Polyester is the most commonly used manufactured fiber in the world.]
Direct Lanyards also provides free artwork, as well as a choice of five free options for lanyard attachments: bulldog clip, swivel J hook, thumb trigger, key ring or cell phone loop. Six other popular and affordable options are readily available as well.

[Fact: one of the most memorable uses of a lanyard in a movie is by Tuco Ramirez in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly—a dirty rope used to carry his gun.]
At Direct Lanyards, we go beyond just delivering excellent products. We provide, at no cost, safety breakaways that pop loose whenever any lanyard is caught or pulled. This is an essential addition for anyone working with machinery or on security details.

[Fact: Workplace accidents cost Americans $650 million annually. Having or wearing the right safety equipment can greatly reduce workplace risks.]
Direct Lanyards offers many more options, including badge reels for easy, convenient carrying and display of I.D. badges.

[Fact: Direct Lanyards offers free shipping anywhere in the USA, and features a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every product we sell.]
Want more information? Contact Direct Lanyards if you're looking for lanyards wholesale, and let us show you how custom lanyards can help your organization.

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