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Custom Woven Lanyards


Woven polyester lanyards provide a great way to make your custom lanyards stand out from the crowd! Using classic needle-and-thread embroidery, your information is sewn directly into the strap, creating a unique textured look and feel.

Embroidered lanyards are incredibly popular as high school spirit items, college bookstore best-sellers and for use at any event where a high-quality, rugged lanyard is preferred.


Our custom woven lanyards are created by custom-dying a flat strap of polyester material with a very high tensile strength, and sewing your design into the lanyard with a custom thread color of your choosing, allowing the ultimate level of creativity. While the limitations of thread compared to a screened print prevents a high level of logo detail, our production team will make any recommendations and provide all assistance needed to make sure your embroidered lanyards turn heads wherever they are worn!



100 Qty.

250 Qty.

500 Qty.

1,000 Qty.

2,000 Qty.

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5,000 Qty.

5/8" Width Lanyard

$2.83 each

$2.02 each

$1.03 each

$0.80 each

$0.73 each

$0.70 each

$0.58 each

3/4" Width Lanyard

$2.86 each

$2.03 each

$1.05 each

$0.82 each

$0.75 each

$0.73 each

$0.62 each

1" Width Lanyard

$2.88 each

$2.04 each

$1.07 each

$0.85 each

$0.80 each

$0.77 each

$0.65 each

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For the most accurate quote, please select your additional options when filling out the below quote form. We'll get back to you with a full price quote and artwork proof via email. Let us know if you have any questions or comments along the way by calling us toll free: 877-599-6746 or send us an email directly to info@directlanyards.com. We're available Monday - Friday from 8AM to 6PM EST.

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