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Lanyards for Keys

Lanyards For Keys Can Be The Key To A Great Adventure

Sarah was studying when her dad approached her, holding something balled up in his hands. "What are those?" she asked.


"Oh, they're just lanyards for keys," her dad answered, letting several unroll.


"Keys for what?" she inquired, curious about what her father was doing. She remembered her dad surprising her just like this a few years ago. Back then, it was tickets to a concert she desperately wanted to see and he handed her a pair of earplugs. He told her to put the plugs in her ears and when she did, he pulled the concert tickets from his shirt pocket.


"Keys for what, indeed," he said, smiling at her as though he were a kid in a candy store. Now Sarah just knew it was something big and she began to giggle. "Perhaps, just perhaps, keys to something amazing?" Dad teased.


"Come on, Dad, out with it!" Sarah pleaded. "Tell me now, or I'll get Mom in here."

"That's a good idea. Let's get your mother to come in here. She'll find this interesting as well," he said with a smile.


In a few moments, Sarah and her mother were standing together, looking at the lanyards for keys that dangled from Dad's hands. The expectation was so high, each of them grinned from ear to ear, indulging his obvious desire to unveil a big surprise.


Reaching into his front pocket, he produced three keys. He handed one key and one lanyard to Sarah and one of each to her mother, and kept one of each in his hand. Still not uttering a word, he put the key at the end of his lanyard and slung it around his neck.


Sarah and her mother quickly did the same, now laughing, knowing the secret would be revealed.


"These little pieces of brass will open a special door," he said. "Like, a beach cottage, maybe?"


He went on to explain that he had won a contest at work and the top prize was a weeklong vacation right on the beach. That was the reason he had three lanyards for keys.

Sarah and her mother could hardly believe it. They gave him a big hug and started talking about what they'd do on the big beach trip.