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Custom Tubular Lanyards


Tubular imprinted polyester lanyards are a perfect low-cost option when a highly functional, great looking lanyard is needed on a lower budget! Even at a much lower price point than most other custom lanyard styles, tubular polyester lanyards are still incredibly durable and make an excellent promotional tool.


Our tubular polyester lanyards are made from loosely wound polyester fiber, which is then diamond-knit and formed into a tube, similar to a classic shoelace. Custom tubular lanyards are wide enough to allow an easily visible imprint area, but the diamond-knit style uses less material than a standard polyester lanyard and accepts dye much more easily. This enables us to produce them much more economically, and we pass the savings on to you!


The soft knit material and rounded tubular edges make these custom lanyards comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and are very popular as faculty or school lanyards, security lanyards and for any other profession requiring an ID badge or other item to be worn or visible at all times.



100 Qty.

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3/8" Width Lanyard

$1.33 each

$1.14 each

$0.82 each

$0.66 each

$0.64 each

$0.60 each

$0.50 each

1/2" Width Lanyard

$1.34 each

$1.15 each

$0.83 each

$0.67 each

$0.64 each

$0.63 each

$0.52 each

5/8" Width Lanyard

$1.36 each

$1.16 each

$0.84 each

$0.68 each

$0.66 each

$0.64 each

$0.53 each

3/4" Width Lanyard

$1.74 each

$1.56 each

$1.05 each

$0.99 each

$0.95 each

$0.90 each

$0.85 each

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