Jan 13, 2020

Lanyards For Keys

Key lanyards help answer the question so many of us are guilty of asking – where are my keys? The fact is, losing keys results in lost time. If you...

Rick Cundiff

Author: Rick Cundiff

Key lanyards help answer the question so many of us are guilty of asking – where are my keys? The fact is, losing keys results in lost time. If you’re like most Americans, time is already scarce. So why waste any more of it searching for essential items? Get key lanyards!

Buying key lanyards might save you from losing keys, but there’s still a chance you’ll waste time on other things. We all do! That’s why Direct Lanyards has compiled a list of some of the biggest time wasters. Maybe you’ll see some that steal your time…

Top Time Wasters of All Time

Social Media

America loves sharing – whether it’s photos of our family vacations, snappy jokes and quotes, or shots of your pug in pajamas. Social media is our modern-day show and tell. And while it’s always interesting to see where friends are dining, whom they’re dating, and how their lives are progressing, social media can become a time warp, a virtual Bermuda Triangle at your fingertips.

Some people are able to curb their involvement, only spending a short amount of time posting and checking accounts, but others would do well to schedule their social media as you would any appointment. Allotting only a certain time frame in which to post and peruse might help prevent surfer’s remorse.

Author Tyler Tervooren advises people to focus on the essentials when it comes to social media. Cultivating ties is where it makes sense and is beneficial. Letting these sites become second homes can create clutter in your digital world. Tervooren encourages letting Facebook serve you, and not the opposite.

Channel Surfing

There’s nothing wrong with unwinding in front of the TV. Everyone needs time to put their brain in neutral and just coast through some comedic adventures occasionally. Or maybe you favor another genre, such as romance, action or horror. No matter what your preference, a bit of sofa time helps us recalibrate.

But with endless channels and so many interesting shows to choose from, eager viewers can quickly find themselves in a quandary. What was meant to be a short trip to TV Town can become a tour through the infinite cable channel lineup. By the time you’ve selected your sitcom or movie, you realize you’ve spent far too much time sampling your entertainment options.


Scarlett O’Hara’s “I’ll think about that tomorrow” approach to life might seem like a grand way to fend off stress and live life more freely. But the truth is, poor planning and procrastination can lead to crisis. Planning is a critical step to accomplish any goal, and doing so allows us to ponder the direction we’re taking and make the best possible choices.

Waiting until the last minute can cost time, money, and result in stress and problems that would not have existed otherwise. In the event an obstacle does arise, you might be forced to put off other important tasks just to fix things.


If any of the above habits have stolen too much time from your already hectic schedule, it’s time to make some changes. Stop procrastinating, order your key lanyards, put social media on the back burner and decide in advance what you’ll be watching on television!

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