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Looking forward to the meet and greet at an upcoming conference? Maybe the social aspect does not much appeal to you, or maybe it does. Either way, conference lanyards are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to putting together your to-do list. Direct Lanyards helps you tick the lanyard box with our custom, high-quality lanyards.

Conference Lanyards – For Convenience's Sake

Conferences can equal chaos, depending on the number of attendees and other details surrounding the event. But they also bring opportunity for people to network, represent their company or institution, and make much-needed connections. Conference lanyards may seem like a small accessory and a minute detail in the scheme of the affair, but these handy ID holders help others identify you. They give you a professional appearance, and are a part of good business etiquette. When it's not feasible to shake every hand and announce yourself, conference lanyards help make the introductions.

The Road to Success
Customization is key when we're talking lanyards and similar products. Savvy marketers know that the business professional should take every opportunity to boost his/her brand. Since the average American is exposed to more than 3,000 marketing messages on any given day, it can be tough to get noticed. With conference lanyards affixed with your personal logo, you can inexpensively and discreetly cut through the clamor. And in the business world, recognition is the road to success.


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