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Cool Lanyards

Cool Lanyards from Direct Lanyards

Lanyards are cool when you consider the service they provide. Like any good personal assistant, a lanyard's duty is to make life easier. They're made to carry your employee identification pass, your car keys or whatever important objects you need not to lose. Now that we've established how cool lanyards can be, let's talk about getting cool lanyards—that is, those that have cool colors, patterns and logos.

Cool Lanyards from Direct Lanyards

Direct Lanyards offers a variety of options for customizing your lanyards. Our talented in-house design team specializing in creating cool lanyards that will exceed your expectations. We'll make them as colorful or classy as your heart desires. Imprint on them your personal message, company name or contact information. Cool lanyards are an awesome marketing tool because they're easy to give away. Who doesn't love a cool lanyard?

When Quality is Cool
Quality is cool when your lanyards are durable enough to withstand every day wear and tear -- because it's never cool to lose your car keys. Direct Lanyards makes lanyards from a host of sturdy materials. Rest assured, these lanyards will be as tough as they are cool.

When Prices are Cool
Every cool lanyard deserves a cool price tag. Direct Lanyards knows it is never cool to pay too much for any product. So we offer cool lanyards at competitive prices. This is good news for everyone—whether you are buying a small quantity of lanyards, or a bulk order for a fundraising event. Direct Lanyards offers the industry's best custom lanyards at the lowest possible prices. In addition, we provide FREE shipping to any United States address.

So there you have it -- all the reasons you need to order cool lanyards from Direct Lanyards. And if you're still not convinced, feel free to call us toll free at 1-877-599-6746, or fill out our no-obligation quote form. We look forward to making your lanyard-buying experience just as cool as the lanyards themselves!