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Common 80's Slang

Here are some examples of slang that lived in a time when tubular meant cool.


Woven Lanyards

These are ideal for those that need embroidered statements on their lanyard.


Polyester Lanyards

Need stylish and sturdy lanyards? Than polyester is a god place to start your search.


Organizing with Lanyards

They help you stay organized and can keep you from many embarrasing moments.


Lanyards Solve Common Problems
Lanyards have solved common problems and oversights for centuries.


Workhorse Lanyards and Accessories
Personalized lanyards and accessories offer distinct designs that make your brand and logo pop!


Lanyards for Keys

Ever find yourself in a rush and franticaly searching for your lost keys? Well lanyards serve many purposes and this could be one of the better ones.


Lanyards for Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternities and Sororities across the country are using key lanyards for sharing their Greek pride and giving access to the hosue to new members.


Lanyard designs and options

Options for designing your lanyard to make it unique, personal and stylish.


Cool Lanyards for School Field Trips

What better way to identify and track children on school outings or field trips than with cool neck lanyards?


Badge Reels

These are a good thing and date as far back as 16th century England or even 12th century Japan depending on who you ask.


Name Badge Holders

Number one source for carrying and displaying security clearance and membership id cards.



Marketing with Lanyards

Because giveaways are great, but some products just don't make the grade -- who doesn't want a cool lanyards?


Stylish ID Badge Holders
ID Badge Holders are both stylish and a smasrt choice when choosing a promotional product for your business.


Lanyards for Keys

Lanyards for keys are inexpensive promotional items that can help you keep track of your valuables like car or house keys.


Styles of Lanyard Fabric

Lanyards are as versatile and varied as the types of fabric they are made from, and the variety of free and optional attachments.


Trade Show Lanyards Boost Your Brand

Trade show lanyards are popular and are a great way to get your brand or logo in front of a trade show audience.


Conference Trade Show Lanyards

In the fast paced worlds of tradeshows, exhibitions, and conferences lanyards have become the most useful and popular promotional product.


Marketplace Lanyards

Custom imprinted lanyards can carry your brand or message throughout an organization, while also giving the wearers a convenient way to carry name badges, key cards, USB drives and other important items.


Neck Lanyards for Keys, ID Badges and Cell Phones

How many people struggle with remembering to pick up their keys, access cards or identifications.


Purchase Lanyards To Promote Your Company

The purchase of lanyards is simple with the innovative Direct Lanyards’ website that offers personalized lanyards in varying designs and colors.


School Lanyards for Cheer Spirit and Senior Gifts

Not only are lanyards able to serve as innovative and interesting corporate promotonal items, but many of our customers purchase lanyards.


Popular Badge Lanyards

If you are looking for a great badge lanyard range for your business then there is really no need for you to continue your search.


Custom Cloth Lanyards

If you are looking for custom cloth lanyards for your business then there is really no need for you to look any further because Direct Lanyards.


Top Quality Badge Holder

Fun and functional, two fitting words for the modern lanyard and Direct Lanyards are the leading suppliers of top quality lanyards.


Personalized Lanyards With Style and Pizzazz

With more and more corporations seeking innovative and one-of-a-kind promotional products to market their service or brands.


Lanyards As Promotional Product Giveaways

Direct Lanyards’ range of lanyards used for promotional products is bound to stir up your marketing strategy.


Safety Lanyards For Advertising Your Business

It is not only the intention of Direct Lanyards to provide lanyards for promotional purposes, but many companies make use of lanyards.


Wholesale Lanyards With Low Pricing

Direct Lanyards is offers wholesale lanyards to schools, businesses and colleges, who are looking for interesting.


Buying Lanyards Online

Promoting your company is essential and if you are looking for fresh ideas then Direct Lanyards has one for you.


Custom Printed Lanyards

There is one aspect that makes most promotional products popular and this is when the receiver of the gift can actually use it.


Titleist Lanyards Golfing Promos

For any company, attempting to source different and unusual promotional items is a time-consuming task.


Badge Lanyards Are Convenient

In today’s security conscious world, lanyards are enjoying tremendous popularity; as not only can lanyards be used to carry a badge, but lanyards


Breakaway Lanyards For Safety Reasons

Since Direct Lanyards are specialty lanyard suppliers, they have the widest assortment of lanyards, from breakaway lanyards to simple key carrying.


Custom Lanyard Benefits

The custom lanyard offers a fresh new approach to promoting your company, or your brand. When our customers opt to purchase a custom lanyard


Economical Lanyards for Budget Minded Businesses

Direct Lanyards have made it simple for marketing managers to source eco lanyards which can be easily incorporated into any marketing or promotional campaign.


ID Badge Lanyards are Both Functional and Practical

In attempting to create maximum awareness for your brand or company name, utilizing a product that is both functional and practical is optimal to gain a great


Functional ID Badge Lanyards

With so many different promotional items to select from, deciding on the correct and most practical item is often difficult, however, with Direct Lanyards.


Practical ID Lanyards

Lanyards have taken the world by storm and due to the fact that the uses of lanyards are so versatile, a number of companies are successfully incorporating


Imprinted Lanyards Breath Life into Promotions

Sourcing and purchasing imprinted lanyards has been made easy with Direct Lanyards’ website, where online shoppers can place an order for bulk imprinted


Lanyards for Brand Awareness

Direct Lanyards is able to supply a good quality lanyard which will be able to easily be incorporated into any promotional or marketing campaign.


Customized Lanyards in the Workforce

Customized Lanyards serve a number of purposes, and whether you need unique lanyards for your business, group, or team, Direct Lanyards has the amazing selection of fun.


Badge Lanyards Secure Your ID

ID Lanyards serve a lot of uses in business and the workforce; however it's particularly fun to get ID Lanyards that have a little pizzazz to them! When you buy your ID Lanyards from Direct Lanyards.


Brand Awareness Lanyard

The Direct Lanyards website has opened up an innovative and exciting chapter for promotional as well as advertising items.


Nylon Lanyards Known For Strength and Durability

Nylon is known for its strength and durability and as such, when nylon is used to create lanyards, the results are lanyards that last for many years.


Personalized Lanyards New Advertising Choices
The great thing about lanyards is they can be pesonalized to your color combination, choice of attachment and you can even add your logo to the mix.